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half-mallet cupidon

If for you, golf rhymes with pleasure, then succumb to the charm of Cupidon. Its harmonious design, with voluptuous forms, helps you to quickly and easily improve your putting.

Cupidon has been conceived for sporty and elegant women, who seek these qualities. It is perfectly adapted to golfers playing with an arc swing. Its specific toe balance allows it to come back square at impact and allows a better forgiveness on off-centre shots.

You can embody your masterpiece only with the right tool. This is it.

Incomparable touch, innovation IAPP*
The insert is a thin metal plate on a perimetric support. The ValGrine inserts are crafted from material such as aluminium or stainless steel, each with different exit speed for the ball. Choose the aluminium to obtain a soft touch and the stainless steel for a speedier touch.

MOI increased, innovation MD19*
The balanced weights are intelligently distributed within the putter head, at the end and on extremities. This weight management provides the putter with inertia considerably increased. This ensures the putter has more forgiveness on off-centre shots.

Feedback, innovation IAPP*
The cavity hidden behind the insert has the effect of an acoustic subwoofer; it develops the sense of hearing of the player. Then it’s possible to know the location of the impact of the ball through the released sound and then, easily correct your swing.

Easy alignment, innovation L442*
This innovation, with both lines on different planes, becomes the unique reference before each putt and be more regular. These lines help the golfer to find the perfect position in relation to the putter, and help to find the theoretical ball direction.

Comfort and senses
The leather covering the grip offers a comfortable touch and incredible feeling to the player. The linen thread stitching is a new approach allowing the golfer to keep the perfect position of the grip in the hollow of his finger. It also helps golfers to naturally relax their wrists.

– Theoretical weight: 560g (Head: 300g)
– Loft: 3,5°
– Lie: 72°
– Balance: Toe balanced
– Right-handed only
– Offset: Positive, bended Hosel
– Shaft: Steel carbon
– Head Material: Aluminium 2024 aeronautic. Variety of surface finishes: Micro-pearled or mirror-polish or satin-finish
– Front insert: Aluminium or stainless steel. Variety of engravings and surface finishes: Micro-pearled or mirror-polish or satin-finish or colour treatment.
Fixed by 8 screws, brass and gold alloy
– Internal balance weights + (1) external: forged meteorite powder, high density: 19,4gr/cm3
– Hosel: Forged-carbon fibre, heat treated polymerized braid 5K
– Bands: Aluminium or stainless steel. Variety of surface finishes: Micro-pearled or mirror-polish or satin-finish or colour treatment.
– Grip + Head cover: Medium size, calfskin, natural tanning, hand-stitched, colours of your choice.

For very demanding golfers, ValGrine offers a specific service, where we build in collaboration with you, your unique putter. More than the adaptation to your swing and to your morphology, you will choose the materials, the treatments, and all other aesthetical customisations (engravings, colours, leathers…).

Delivery times are indicative only and subject to the acceptance and approval of your order. For this kind of ultra-personalised putter, the standard time for delivery is between 6 and 10 weeks. The policy of exchange and refund is not applicable to the purchase of personalized products.

At the end of each season ValGrine offers a service to check up your putter. Our team will clean and perfect the finishes. Every component will be verified. The first year, ValGrine provides this servicing and the return to your home for free.

The experts at ValGrine are available to answer your question by phone, from Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 7.00 pm (CET) Central European Time.

To access this exclusive service, please contact us by mail or by phone for a personalized follow-up. Let us your contact details, we will contact you with pleasure within the next two calendars days.

*Les informations recueillies vous concernant font l’objet d’un traitement informatique et sont exclusivement destinées à ValGrine en sa qualité de responsable du traitement.

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    Free delivery*

    For orders delivered in France (excluding DOM TOM), ValGrine is happy to pay for the transport cost.
    You will receive your putter at home, safely and quickly.
    You will be informed throughout the manufacturing process of the putter and its transport.

    100% satisfaction guaranteed

    ValGrine vouches for its putter’s quality. If you are not 100% satisfied you have 14 calendar days to return your putter to us. Conditions for being refunded or benefit of an exchange:
    - The putter must be presented in its original packaging with the plastic film protecting the head.
    - The putter mustn’t be damaged.
    - The putter mustn’t be personalised.

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