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The know-how, the art professions and the crafts excellence make the strength of the region Rhône-Alpes for decades.

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In the past the territory acquired its credentials through the forging and the manufacture of weapons. The region distinguished itself in the 18th century, achieving the prestigious status of “Manufacture Royale” for Louis XV and became official supplier to the French troops.

Gregory MOREAU has grown up within a highly technical industry. This engineer, heir of a long family tradition who were performing in the metallurgy industry, is passionate about golf. In order to develop his mechanical business, he gambled on the manufacture of his own product, the golf putter. He gathered his high technology and golf practice knowledge to create the most innovative, reliable and stylish putter.


ValGrine uses technological know-how and materials previously unknown to the golf world to design its golf putters.

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Aluminum N°2024, aeronautics industry. Density 2.77g/cm3

This alloy is obtained through structural hardening. Offering good mechanical characteristics, this alloy is frequently used in aeronautics for the parts subjected to high stress. ValGrine craftsmen process this aluminum through a liquid treatment in order to exponentially improve its resistance to corrosion or oxidation or also to treat it by coloring.

Forged stainless steel N°309L, watchmaking. Density 7,8/cm3

This is an alloy of steel and carbon. The chrome that unites them forms a chromium oxide protective layer ensuring its stainless quality. This material is used for the putter head or sometimes for the insert. The stainless steel offers exceptional touch and clear feedback at putting.

Meteorite dust. Density 19,4/cm3

This high performance technical alloy protects from waves or vibrations, it is also nonmagnetic thanks to a very high tungsten composition. It is typically used as a counterweight in the aviation industry. ValGrine uses it in order to make the putter’s head heavier. Indeed, the density of this material is between 3 to 6 times higher than the density of the head. Thanks to these little balance weights, ValGrine meticulously distributes the weight into the head.

Forged-carbon fiber. Density 1,8g/cm3

Carbon fiber is a material composed of extremely thin fibers (from 5 to 15 microns in diameter). It is used in every application and task requiring a great mechanical resistance, for a reduced weight, such as aeronautics, F1, the aerospace industry, and even boat racing.

Golden screws, gold and brass alloy. Density 13,8g/cm3

Beyond its symbolic aspects, gold screws are useful to prevent corrosion and lower the friction rate when mounting the insert in the clean room. This technology is also widely used in the aerospace industry as well as watchmaking.

Damascus steel. Density 7,9g/cm3

An evolution in modern metallurgy, specifically the metallurgy of powders, allows the manufacture of extremely high quality stainless steel. It is realised via forging two shades of iron and undergoes more than 150 distortions. After the polishing of the surfaces and an acid bath, the patterns appear. These scrolls are born thanks to the great experience of our craftsmen. ValGrine uses this material for the insert; it provides a quick ball exit and clear feedback.


ValGrine offers a wide variety of leathers that cover the putter grip and the headcover. Calfskin is used for each Prestige putter. Upon entering into this tailored service, all other exotic leathers are available.

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This leather provides an ideal natural grain; it is strong and shines beautifully with time.
This skin requires special care at the tannery and is of exceptional quality


The shagreen is very beautiful fish leather with a naturally pearly skin texture. This leather is extremely tricky to work. It is worked to a polished grain in order to reveal all its texture’s shine and the majesty of its status. Our grip can be made with the central pearl of the shagreen, also called crown.


The crocodile skin is a symbol of success and abundance, and dresses the grip with elegance and firmness. Each skin used is traceable, in order to ensure the origin and quality, and to effectively combat poaching.
These leathers are available in matte finish, shiny, as well as a wide range of colors.


Ostrich leather is fascinating and exceptional, its particular grain provides unparalleled resistance. With time this leather lightly buffs, embellishes itself. Its silky texture offers a very pleasant and comfortable touch.


ValGrine offers the jewellery lover the possibility to embellish their putter with precious stones.

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ValGrine proposes a diamond setting because they are the strongest of minerals, but also the noblest of gemstones, eternal and classic. According to the request of the owner, it is possible to vary the gems. Diamonds are brilliant cut; this cut is the purest and the most traditional diamond’s cut, it offers different facets ensuring a vibrant fire and a wonderful sparkle to the gem.

To meet all of your desires, we also have other precious stones.


ValGrine offers different types of treatments bringing to its putters their special finishes and identifying them as unique.

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ValGrine offers different types of treatments bringing to its putters their special finishes and identifying them as unique. There is a wide range of finishes: rough effect, shiny polished, satin polished, micro-pearled or colour treatment…

Some treatments are able to improve the metals’ characteristics but also to protect them. ValGrine personalises the putters with appropriate treatments never used in the golf world before, as for example a Ceramic covering used in the club head.

The Ultimate in Performance and Luxury.
Gregory MOREAU officially launched ValGrine at Megeve in 2012. Thanks to a unique know-how and the product quality, the manufacture received the EPV label in 2014 as a Living Heritage Company.
ValGrine puts proudly forward the ‘Hand-made in France’ and the performance through technology. It’s why the French manufacturer is also a ‘Bellecourt Committee Member’.

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