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Why your ValGrine putter better forgives the off-center shots more than any other putter?

ValGrine’s putters were designed to be the most tolerant of the market. Element playing on the tolerance for the off-center shots are the size of the sweet spot (perfect impact area) and the moment of inertia (resistance which brings into conflict a body against its putting in rotation).

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Insert on a perimetric support

Each putter has ‘IAPP’ technology; it’s an insert hidden a cavity, fixed to a few millimeters of perimetric support. While putting, the pressure exerted by the ball is spread over the insert circumference. This patented innovation enlarges the sweet spot size proportionate to the size of the insert. (~7cm2)

The larger the sweet spot is, the more it will be able to forgive the off-center shots: with a ValGrine putter, if you hit the ball within the insert (anywhere), and the head is square at impact, the ball goes straight.

Schema 1

Meteorite powder balance

The patented innovation ‘MD19’ allows ValGrine to intelligently distribute the high-density balanced weights (~19,4g/cm3) within the putter head, at the end and on extremities. Thanks to the possibility of managing the weight distribution, ValGrine can easily increase the moment of inertia of the golf putter.

The bigger the MOI is, the more it will be able to forgive the off-center shots: with a ValGrine putter, the resistance against the head’s rotation is higher (MOI+), therefore the ball will go straighter.

Schema 2


Why will you be more accurate with a ValGrine putter?
While putting you should feel at one with your club. In order to be as accurate as possible, the putter must be an extension of your hand.

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Meteorite powder balance

Each ValGrine putter has a specific swingweight: the head is heavier in order to promote a natural ‘pendulum’ swing. The innovation ‘MD19’ allows ValGrine to adapt the weight according the golfers needs, without changing the putter aesthetic. The heavy weight will transmit more energy to the ball and allow the golfer to reduce the swing amplitude for a putt of the same distance.

The shorter the swing is, the more your movement will be accurate and repeatable: with a ValGrine putter you will reduce your swing amplitude for a longer putting distance and you will become more accurate.

Schema 3

Forged carbon Hosel, tress 5K

Only the prestige putters have the ‘HC5K’ technology. This is a patented innovation also, allowing ValGrine to create a Hosel in forged carbon. By definition, this is a very hard material, which will not absorb energy and then transmits it all to the ball. Thus, the later will acquire all the speed and the power for its trajectory.

The less hard the Hosel is (e.g. alum. or steel), the more the putter will absorb the energy of the impact: with a ValGrine putter (with Hosel), your ball with stay straight longer and it will be less influenced by green defects.


Why will you be more consistent with a ValGrine putter?
The most important thing to improve your putting is to play on a regular basis. Thanks to a simple process, you will gain confidence and repeatability at each putt. You will enter a virtuous circle, which is the gateway to success.

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Alignment aids on height–offset planes

For the first time the lines-of-sight are visible on two height-offset planes. The lines will be aligned only if the golfer is in the perfect position, right above the ball and the putter. This patented innovation will become your unique reference point before each putt. Like the sights of a gun, these lines help you to come back in the same position.

Thanks to ValGrine, you will putt like a metronome. The technology ‘L442’ allows you to find the perfect position in relation to the putter.

Schema 4

Insert on a perimetric support

Each ValGrine putter has the ‘IAPP’ technology. The cavity behind the insert has the effect of an acoustic subwoofer. Through it, the golfer is able to hear the stroke and not look at the ball trajectory anymore. The tone generated will be different according to the impact zone. This information allows you to improve your swing and the ball centering.

Thanks to ValGrine, you will have clear feedback about your strokes. It will help you to become more accurate in putting.

In order to be technically perfect, the putter must be aesthetically perfect.
With ValGrine everything is inside…

Well thought out standards in order to meet your real needs.

Thanks to ValGrine, you will be calm and relaxed, whatever the situation. These putters provide you with the best possible conditions and offer a sensation of general well being. We have designed, for you, the putter that is the easiest to play, so that you improve your putting, everyday.

The three years of R&D also have allowed ValGrine to define particular specs; for example, the 3.5° loft is the one to get the best ball rolling properties. In standard format, ValGrine putters either have 71° or 72° of lie, which meet almost all golfers needs. Moreover, most of ValGrine putters have a positive offset that help golfer to putt with maximum efficiency.

Today, standard definitions and ValGrine technologies fit more than 90% of golfers needs. For the most demanding golfers, ValGrine is the only manufacturer with the ability to build from scratch and design the entire club, by adapting: the length, the lie, the balance, the weight, the loft, the ball speed exit, etc.)

To go even further in this approach, ValGrine carefully keeps your measurement and your putter specs, so we can manufacture the exact same putter, even after several years.

The USGA (United States Golf Association) and the R&A (Royal and Ancient) define the rules of golf for the entire world. They test and verify all golf equipment (club, balls, etc.) and decide if they are allowed on the PGA Tour and others. Every ValGrine models conform to the USGA and R&A rules.